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Rainbow In Asuncion

Paraguay relocation is written by a United Kingdom couple who realized that retirement in the UK, Europe or United States was not going to be the same as our parents experienced and decided that a change of location was called for.  We were also lucky.  Our pension firm, Equitable Life, was badly damaged by a change in the UK pension laws when the Labour government came into power in the late ’90’s, so we got an early warning that a conventional pension was not going to be sufficient for retirement.

We began investigating different countries via the internet, learned many things and visited a few countries. It was fun and a good use of leisure hours.  Our priorities while researching these included:  an adequate water supply that was not politically contested;  a more favorable demographic profile than that of America or Europe; a good climate that would not require many months of either heating or cooling ourselves; an abundance of arable land; reduced vulnerability to oil shortages and no serious racial or religious conflicts. Our search led us to Paraguay.

We are not professional writers or business people. We were life long employees of the National Health Service and during this time we were lucky to meet many people from all over the world. We learned much from them over the years.  We especially want to thank Josefina and her husband, Victor, for helping us realize our hopes of finding another country to call home.

We hope to write articles that will help anyone thinking of relocating to be brave and embrace a different life. We’ve been in Paraguay for over seven months now and are discovering how good a destination it is for us. We’re learning about life in a different country, a different continent and in a different language. There are times of great frustration to be sure but attaining any new skill set requires patience, perseverence and flexibility.  As we increase our knowledge and experience, we seldom think about things ‘at home’.  We are overjoyed at being in Paraguay.

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